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To Sea Gypsy Online's Egyptian Handcrafted Jewellery store. Jewellery created using 7000 years of ancient skills handed down through Generations of Artisans and the People of Egypt. 

We do hope you enjoy your time here. 

Our designs here at Sea Gypsy Online are all handmade, authentically ancient designed and crafted by the skills handed down through the generations over centuries of time, from Egypt.  One of the great ancient countries spoken and written about since the dawn of time.

If you are looking for inexpensive, cheap, mass produced all the same Egyptian Jewellery, we will save you some time, you will not find these products here at Sea Gypsy Online
We offer ONLY genuine authenticated hand crafted Jewellery of the highest quality.


Our Jewellery items are authenticated with the Egyptian Hallmark stamp this will only be found on Genuine Authentic Egyptian made Jewellery.


Your order is guaranteed to your door anywhere in the world by secure shipment arrangements. Feel safe and secure that your purchase is well considered by us at Sea Gypsy Online

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              Egyptian Gold Cartouche                                 Egyptian Gold Jewellery       

Egyptian Gold Cartouche                       Egyptian Gold jewellery


Ramses ll Statue - Ancient City of Memphis
Taken by Jay


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Sea Gypsy Online offers handcrafted Gifts from the worlds craft people, Egyptian gold, Belly dance fashion, egyptian art, egyptian cartouche and artifacts. We stock Gold Cartouche, Papyrus, Egyptian Handmade Unique Gifts and Jewelry direct from Egypt. Sea Gypsy Online offers you via the Worldwide web Gifts from Egypt, .
Sea Gypsy Online also offers
Jewelry from Egypt.
18K Egyptian Gold Jewelry and Handcrafted Unique Gifts. All the magic and the beauty of the ancient skills of Egypt, are now available to you all geared towards lovers and those that love hand-crafts from all over the world, and for the connoisseur of extraordinary, unique Egyptian 18ct gold gifts and silver souvenirs, Silver Jewellery and cartouches, hieroglyphic are all handmade designs in our Jewelry workshop in Egypt, all Sea Gypsy Online's products are handcrafted using the ancient skills past down through generations.